Understanding There is Always More Opportunity

There are trillions of dollars of opportunity going unrealized in businesses and other organizations today. Zero-Based Analysis (ZBA) is the approach that brings all of this opportunity to light. By making opportunity visible, leaders throughout organizations can begin to realize their untapped potential. Zero-Based Analysis is not about blue-sky thinking, brainstorming, or creating unrealistic expectations. ZBA is about arming forward-thinking leaders with a quiver of highly impactful, concrete improvements to transform their business performance.

How is Zero-Based Analysis different than what I do now?

Zero-Based Analysis uncovers all opportunity, its magnitude, and it’s location in one comprehensive assessment. Approaches like brainstorming and benchmarking can create to-do lists of opportunities, but are not comprehensive and often beg the question “did we miss something?” OEE and zero-loss techniques use a similar 100% efficient point of comparison, but they fall over by creating significant buckets of “unrealizable” opportunity. ZBA speaks to both the head by rigorously identifying all of the opportunity that exists, and the heart by showing insights into why historic constraints can be overcome more readily than previously thought. 

What could this feel like for me?

  • Operations - Understanding the maximum possible profitability and growth potential of your asset base and all opportunities on the table to reach that potential
  • Capital Projects - Defining the theoretically maximum NPV or IRR of your project with visibility into every potential improvement in all phases of design and execution
  • Due Diligence - Unearthing the maximum value creation opportunity in a potential acquisition