If you are a project director, or oversee a portfolio of capital projects, you are likely faced with the constant challenge of needing to find additional value within your project(s) without taking on additional risk. While it can often seem that finding value and avoiding risks are in conflict with each other, we believe that when the full, constraint free potential of any project is uncovered, there exists a wealth of ‘trade-off-free’ gains to be realized.

We believe that tremendous upside opportunity exists in today’s capital projects that is not being uncovered or realized. We reject the notion that projects will naturally gravitate toward a definitive optimum of cost, quality, and schedule, and are committed to helping others see the vast potential we see for even better project outcomes.

Our Zero-Based Approach

We have nurtured and developed a powerful analytical approach to unlock substantial, additional upside value in any major capital project, beyond the current merits of best practices. Employing this ‘Zero-Based’ approach together, we co-develop to the constraint-free, theoretical best project case for your unique opportunity, developed bottoms-up from first engineering principles. By working together to strive for this theoretical best case our client partnerships consistently realize 50%-100%+ additional project value and we deliver these hard results early and throughout. Always.

We provide services to help you achieve breakthrough outcomes for your individual capital projects, programs or entire portfolios. We work across all phases of project development from concept appraisal and selection, through design and construction, to asset commissioning and ramp-up.

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Our Tools

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