Over 86% of employees say they don’t understand their organization’s strategy while more than 90% of managers feel they have not successfully executed on the company’s business strategy. Yet, over 75% of organizations claim to have an agreed-upon core business strategy. What is going wrong? Data points to strong organizational and team alignment being the challenge¹. Gaining alignment on the top priorities is hard because each individual weighs the inputs differently when prioritizing.  The Opportunity Radar helps generate alignment by making the prioritization process visible. For an introduction, watch the following video:

How the Opportunity Radar Helps

The Opportunity Radar will benefit you and your team by improving their alignment. The Opportunity Radar enables you and your team to:

  • Spend less time in meetings, more time doing
  • Know and agree what should, and should not, be worked on
  • Better allocate your resources and keep them focused
  • Better communicate the decision-making process and status
  • Improve the certainty and speed of results


Downloadable Opportunity Radar

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Using the Opportunity Radar

There are a few steps to effectively using the Opportunity Radar. Please read an introduction to them below.

¹Data based on 2014 report by Tompkins