What does a career at Stroud look like?

At Stroud, our people are our greatest asset. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, each Stroudie brings something different to the dynamic, driven, energetic and fun-filled culture we foster. We are always looking for new candidates looking to rapidly accelerate their career with Stroud, where success is defined by results, not face-time.

Working for Stroud is challenging, meaningful, and rewarding. You are encouraged and supported to continuously learn and develop everything from your analytical skills to your business and leadership acumen. As a member of our team, you are given responsibility to work face-to-face with senior clients within days of joining.  Does Stroud sound like it would be a great place for you to start or continue your career? Take a moment to review the Stroud Career Path and determine if Stroud is the right fit for you. 


Watch a short video to discover more about consulting, from our perspective:

What Do We Look For in Candidates?

When searching for exceptional people to be a part of the Stroud team, we look for candidates who possess the below attributes in abundance:

  • Bias for action: Our business is all about working with our clients to achieve outstanding results. We are looking for driven individuals who relish a challenge and want to make things happen.
  • Problem-solving ability: We seek practical, logical minds who can bring clarity and simplicity to technically complicated problems. Although it’s not a requirement, most of our people have technical backgrounds.
  • Energy and enthusiasm: We’re looking for dynamos, people who bring energy and fun to any team they work with.
  • Tenacity: Tough problems bring with them obstacles. You’ll need the resilience and determination to overcome these and achieve your goals.
  • Ambition: We are looking for driven individuals with exceptional motivation, people who will develop quickly and drive our business.
  • Leadership potential: Our work is all about working in and leading client teams. We want people with the potential to become great leaders.
  • Languages: Fluent English is essential. For the UK office, other European languages are very desirable, but not essential.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students: We believe in giving even our newest hires early responsibility and the chance to influence the direction of our company. Within the first few weeks, you will make a significant difference to your clients, not through spreadsheets and presentations, but through real meaningful results. If you are graduating or have recently graduated from university, you should review the role of Associate at Stroud.
  • MBA Candidates: Stroud is always on the seeking exceptional candidates who can bring a different perspective to our business. We want you to apply your education to solve real business problems for our clients. MBA candidates typically join us as Senior Associates and use their unique experience to fast track to the Project Lead role.
  • Currently Employed Professionals: We hire professionals who are looking for an environment where they can achieve great things. We want you to leverage your individual experience to drive meaningful change in our clients’ organizations. We are currently looking for senior leaders to join our team, and will work together during the interview process to determine the best fit for you at Stroud based on your background.