Stroud is a professional services firm that specializes in driving breakthrough improvement in operations and capital projects. 

What you need is an alternative path to help you achieve your goals. A plan that capitalizes on your organization’s specific opportunities, cannot be easily imitated and moves you ahead with an approach that finds tremendous unrealized opportunity even where others have already looked.  You want your people to capture these opportunities successfully by shifting their concept of what’s possible and inspiring the motivation to run after even the toughest challenges. This must drive tangible, bottom-line results quickly and permanently; it cannot just be the latest initiative whose results aren’t sustained.

This is what we do, together. We believe that all organizations have game-changing potential hidden within their current operations, and we work along side the people that know your organization your best – your people – to realize the full extent of this opportunity.

For a more in-depth description of our philosophy, check out the video below, where our CEO Nat Greene discusses the concept of Abundant Thinking.