These systems and processes can be physical, chemical, biological, electrical, digital, psychological, and organizational. It was created specifically for the most difficult and complex technical problems in industry, and has been used for decades to solve the problems that others declared "impossible."

Variable Analysis contains the following five steps:

  1. Define the Problem

  2. Describe the Problem in Detail

  3. Create the Variable Tree

  4. Eliminate Sub-Variables from the Tree

  5. Implement the Solution

Learning Variable Analysis will help you to practice and develop your skills as a problem solver. It will help you solve problems more quickly, report progress more clearly, work as a team with greater structure, and to coach and be coached.

No problem-solving method will make you a great problem-solver, and no method will solve a problem for you. Successfully solving hard problems requires smarts, rigor, effort, and employing the right behaviors. Becoming a great problem-solver takes hard work, practice, consistency, tenacity, learning, and exploration: Variable Analysis provides a structure to do all of these.


Variable Analysis Problem solving method

Solve the hardest technical problems to root cause without guessing

This book is about problem solving: not solving regular problems, but hard problems. By hard problems we mean the problems that have many possible root causes, and that have persisted. These problems have lingered because people try to tackle hard problems in the same way they were taught to approach simple problems. Applying simple problem solving ideas to hard problems usually ends in failure.

If you want to solve hard problems with elegant simple solutions, then you need to develop the required skills. The Variable Analysis is method that will help you become an excellent problem solver.


Variable Analysis Pocket Card

Variable Analysis pocket cards can be downloaded for free for you to print, or can be found at our Zazzle store.