“My favorite part about Stroud is the diversity and pace of the projects. I feel like I am learning something new every couple months. Meeting new people, working in different industries, and constantly being given more responsibility.”

Project Lead

I started at Stroud directly out of grad school at MIT. I had previously been very focused on energy research (having completed a two year thesis on IC engine efficiency and completing multiple energy research internships), and was very excited to shift to a more people based career that let me realize fast, visible results. At Stroud I’m able to constantly be shifting industries and projects, so that I’m always being stretched to learn more. I’ve been able to work with six clients all over North America. I also love that the company is small and therefore allows me to wear many different hats (problem solving, leading others, marketing, and recruiting to name a few). When not working or flying across the country, I like to make furniture, play sports, and trade options.

Patrick's favorite insights: