Associates are typically individuals who have just finished his/her undergraduate degree, and is where most Stroudies start their career. At Stroud, Associates are not behind the scenes analysts but are an integral part of a client team and have responsibility for well-defined objectives. With the guidance of your project leader, you will learn to lead teams, apply structured methods to solve problems, and further develop your communication ability. You will rely on your interpersonal skills to interact with team members and together get great results. Within your first 100 days, you will have three weeks of classroom training and intensive on the job coaching whilst you succeed in your first client project. As you develop into the role you will quickly earn the freedom and trust to take on a bigger and bigger part of the project.

Senior Associate

As a Senior Associate, you will have responsibility for a specific project and will be the primary contact with clients on your team. You will increase your understanding of how to drive sustainable change and will have started to build a network of client people who respect your work. Senior Associates have a track record of leading client teams that achieve significant results and your teams will have a major impact on the success of the overall engagement.

Project Lead

As you progress to the role of Project Lead, your role in the engagements you take on will become larger and more complex. A Principal or Partner will help you set the direction and strategy for the engagement, but you will be responsible for the execution. Senior Associates will be working full time on your team, and you will have the responsibility of ensuring that they are successful in their client engagements and are being developed to their full potential.

Engagement Lead

Engagement Leads are responsible for delivering some of our largest and most complex projects and will often lead a team of Associates and Senior Associates across many sites. At this stage of your career, you will normally be working with more than one client at any time. As you approach your transition to Principal you will start to take on the responsibility for developing the Stroud business.


By this stage of your career you will have developed an extensive network of people (clients, colleagues, alumni) who value the thought leadership you can provide. These relationships will form the basis of your client work and you will be a significant contributor to the growth of Stroud. You will guide project teams to deliver exceptional results for the client and your engagements will have migrated from tactical opportunities to more strategic long term issues. You will play an extensive role in all areas of Stroud’s business development.


The Partners are responsible for taking forward all aspects of the business and remain at the forefront of our client work. You will have an extensive network of people that look to you for help and will be accountable for a significant proportion of Stroud’s revenue. You will have a track record of helping business leaders transform organizations. The Partners form the strategic direction and the future of Stroud and their thought leadership extends beyond local offices to our broader worldwide business.  

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