Almost two decades ago, Stroud started with the purpose of helping leaders solve tough technical problems.  Today we are excited to share with you, Stop Guessing - The 9 Behaviors of Great Problem Solvers, which aims to help people become radically better problem solvers.  

We set about to write Stop Guessing because bad problem‐solving is everywhere and costs individuals and society incalculable amounts of time and money. Problems persist because most people have only been trained to solve easy problems, usually by guessing. This guessing approach is rarely successful when applied to hard problems. When problem‐solving efforts fail, people often find expensive or painful ways to live with or work around the problems they face, sometimes growing so accustomed to problems that they no longer even notice them.

Great problem-solvers are armed with a set of behaviors, not just a methodical approach, that allows them to avoid guessing. They consistently solve hard problems to root cause in a way that can seem magical to most people.

In Stop Guessing, you will learn what the behaviors are, why they’re so important to success, and how to begin adopting them. Developing your strength in these behaviors will help you to:

  • Have confidence to solve the hard problems you face

  • Easily build alignment to implement the right solution

  • Identify more important and valuable opportunities that are being ignored

  • Help others to be better problem‐solvers

  • Stop wasting time and money, and trying your patience

Each of the 9 behaviors comes with stories of great problem‐solving in action, including a best‐in-class chemical processor that had hundreds of millions of dollars of upside hidden behind a hard problem, a losing baseball team without the budget for star players, and the scourge of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

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