You cannot get ahead by simply doing what everyone else is doing.


There are two things that set Stroud apart from others: the results we deliver and the way people feel when working with us.

Magnitude and Certainty of Results

Many professional services firms talk about the results they deliver, so what makes Stroud’s better?  First, it is the magnitude of the results we help you achieve – often so extraordinary that they initially appear to be “unbelievable.”  We too would be skeptical if you told us we might be able to improve our processes by 100% or the return on a capital project by 400%, yet we have proven time and again that we can.

But it is more than just the magnitude of results – it is also that they are tangible.  You will see key metrics change.  We will not just leave you with a report telling you how to change them.

Finally, these results are generated very quickly.   We have seen countless times that early, rapid results spur successful organizational change and therefore we have made them the key premise of our offering.  Success breeds success and there is nothing like impactful improvement to energize your people to look for and realize even greater opportunities.

Valuable, Enjoyable Working Relationships

We spend at least half of our waking hours working; it should be more than enjoyable – it should be fun.  If we are not enjoying our work together, we are doing something wrong. 

This starts with the results we will achieve together (everyone enjoys being successful) but it goes beyond that. Your people will enjoy working with us because they will feel the respect we have for them and the desire we have for them to grow and develop.  We respect your people for the thousands of years of experience and knowledge of your specific industry.  What we bring to the table complements their knowledge and experience because another couple dozen years is not going to help you break through to the next level of performance.  All more experience can do is help you better understand what you and your people already know.

Because we respect your people, we are committed to helping them realize the hidden potential within your organization.  In the end, unleashing this potential is what creates our shared success.

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