Variable Analysis: The Master Tool for Great Problem Solvers

Without the right approach, even the best problem solvers will grind to a halt. 

This one-day, introductory workshop will help any employee, whether manager, engineer, or front-line worker, apply their knowledge and effort in a structured approach to solve your organization's most difficult problems. 

Many problem solving methods are expansive, encouraging would-be solvers to brainstorm or generate ideas for solutions early in the process. This "guessing in disguise" can lead to minimal or no progress, relying on luck to lead to the right answer.

With Variable Analysis, luck is removed from the equation. By defining the problem as a measurable variable, and using a fact-based approach to systematically eliminate potential root causes, Variable Analysis helps problem solvers stay focused and progress towards a solution quickly, efficiently, and confidently.

Variable Analysis is the approach that Stroud has used to help clients from around the world drive step-improvements in performance in weeks as opposed to months. In this course, you will be introduced to the method, and try the approach out on real problems that were believed to be unsolvable until Variable Analysis was applied. Upon completion, you will have a strong foundation in the key tool necessary to tackling the toughest problems that have plagued your organization for years.

This training is conducted by experienced Stroud employees who have successfully applied and taught Variable Analysis in the field. They will provide attendees with a first-hand account of how Variable Analysis was they key to helping them find simple solutions to even the most complex problems.

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