Stop Guessing: Become the Greatest Problem Solver You Can Be

As taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Learn the 9 Key Behaviors that will unlock your organization's ability to solve its toughest problems.

This one-day training session will help managers and supervisors understand the extent to which their employees are solution-guessing instead of problem-solving, and why guessing is the number one behavior that is preventing your organization from permanently solving its toughest problems.

Guessing has become a foundation of our problem-solving skillset. Brainstorming, producing ideas, or holding working sessions to generate potential solutions are key steps in the problem solving methods for most organizations. While these are helpful for solving some easier problems, they are ineffective for tough problems that may have hundreds or thousands of potential root causes. By spending valuable time guessing, you are relying on luck and hoping to stumble onto the permanent solution; however, hope is not a business strategy.

In his book "Stop Guessing: The 9 Behaviors of Great Problem Solvers," author and Stroud CEO Nat Greene discusses how guessing can manifest itself in organizations in hidden ways, and explains some strategies for identifying and minimizing this behavior within your employees. During this session, Stroud employees will discuss the ideas behind Stop Guessing, share some case studies of how guessing was eliminated from other organizations, and lead your employees in an interactive workshop to help identify and rectify guessing within your organization’s current problem solving process.

This training is designed for leaders of teams who:

  • Believe that their people are capable of more, but are unable to permanently solve the toughest problems plaguing the organization
  • Have a problem-solving method of choice that they are confident in on paper, but are not seeing the results applied out in their operations or projects
  • Want to generally improve the problem-solving capability of their organization

This training is conducted by experienced Stroud employees who have successfully applied these behaviors in the field. They will provide a first-hand account of their successes, and explain why embracing the principles of Stop Guessing is the first step to becoming a great problem solver.

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