Changing Attitudes that directly impact improvement

The mindsets we take toward improving our organization have a profound amplifying effect, either to the positive or the negative, on the results we achieve.

You have seen the the positive impact of effective mindsets when you and others have brought them to a situation where you are trying to make something better.

  • Challenges are not roadblocks, just opportunities to tackle
  • The work takes less time as there is a sense of urgency to get it done
  • More aggressive goals are set, not just the bare minimum
  • And victories, large and small, are celebrated.

You have also been there when the ineffective and negative mindsets take over and the work you are doing is just a painful drag.

A short video introduction

Here is a short video that further introduces the concept of mindsets

Having a more effective mindset more often

Mindsets are not an option of “right” vs. “wrong”, and even the most effective individuals can sometimes slip into ineffective mindsets.  A great way to start improving  is to recognize when you slip into an ineffective mindset and to then make an active effort to shift to the positive.  Even a small change can have an amplified impact on your organization since effective mindsets magnify results positively and make it possible for you to overcome those seemingly impossible challenges.

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