Mark Rosenbaum is a Partner at Stroud International and leads our Calgary office, serving clients in Canada and worldwide. Mark has experience across a breadth of industries, but is focused on and passionate about his work in the energy sector.

His most recent work in northern Alberta has been with several oil and gas operators in mining, SAGD, and unconventional wells. He has delivered powerful results from substantially increasing bitumen production from SAGD facilities focused on both surface and subsurface operations, to reducing capital cost and improving the economics of new oil sands projects, and reducing cost per barrel by increasing throughput and improving yield in Upgrading.

Mark has demonstrated an immense talent for helping companies navigate who have already completed a series of improvement initiatives to develop a simple, common sense approach that works for them. Internally, he manages development and training for Stroud.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering with a University Medal from the University of New South Wales. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, and can often be found skiing, hiking, and biking in the Canadian Rockies.