Zero In on the Top Problems

Seeing the Opportunity

One of the best ways we have found to zero in on the top problems in a process or operation is to do what we call a line study out “on the floor.”  Large scale data and anecdotes only tell us the general area where to focus, while getting out into the operations will help us get to the root level and actually “see” the opportunity.  This will give us a much clearer picture of where to narrow in our problem solving efforts.

How the LineStudies App helps

Traditionally, these “line studies” have been conducted with pen and paper, requiring users to manually log the beginning and end time of each occurrence, only to spend more time later inputting the data into Excel to process the numbers and determine which opportunities to prioritize. To help collect and organize this data, Stroud has developed the LineStudies app. This app allows you to perform line studies more efficiently through easy logging of line behavior and automated data processing. We want to help your organization collect the right data and narrow your focus to the most valuable opportunities.

Using the LineStudies App

  • Available on the iOS app store
  • Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the app:

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