Speaking Engagement: Uncovering the Hidden Potential of Your Operation

Mark Rosenbaum will be speaking at the World Heavy Oil Congress, held in Edmonton this coming Thursday, 26 March 2015 at 9:30AM MT. Mark will be highlighting how to deliver more when visible opportunities and trade-offs are exhausted or inefficient. To learn more about Mark's presentation please visit the World Heavy Oil Congress's website. 

"In order to remain viable, oil sands companies are now having to find new ways to lower cost per barrel. Operators have already adopted industry best practices and benchmarked against their peers to realize most visible opportunities creating a perception that only a handful of high complexity, lower value opportunities to lower cost remain. As oil prices drop, companies are now racing to lower their cost and most companies have exhausted the obvious opportunities: “nice to haves” have been eliminated, non-critical projects have been deferred, headcounts have been reduced, and are now making hard decisions on what more to sacrifice. Our belief is that an alternative exists and that there are many overlooked, trade-off free, opportunities for operators to improve the performance of their existing assets. During the session we will present some real-world oil sands case studies that demonstrate the success we have had finding and realizing these types of opportunities with sustainable solutions. We will demonstrate the large magnitude of hidden potential uncovered in many operations. Answer the question: why these opportunities exist? Highlighting common factors such as incomplete information, constraining assumptions, and relying on experts or expertise for solutions which often leads to opportunities being hidden, improperly valued, and viewed as overly complex. We will then expand on how to find these opportunities by critically assessing assets without limiting assumptions and applying rigorous intellectual curiosity with a zero based approach. To conclude, we will explore how these opportunities can help your operation improve today and emerge from the downturn stronger than you entered it while being ahead of your competitors." 


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