What if there was more opportunity to improve than is visible?

By Brian Anstey

Commodity producers are not strangers to the pressures of price cycles. You understand the need to drive efficient and effective operations and have invested accordingly. Over the last decades, most businesses have adopted best practices through benchmarking, Lean Six Sigma, and other improvement efforts. This has raised performance, eradicated visible waste, and left many wondering if significant potential for improvement remains.

When visible opportunities and trade-offs are exhausted or insufficient, what can you do to respond? You must find more opportunity and to do that, try something new that will allow you to identify all of the opportunity that exists but is currently “hidden”. Zero Based Analysis presents an analytically rigorous method to define the full potential of any operation or process.

How much hidden opportunity exists in your organization?

Where do you sit on the cost curve and what can you do to advance your position?

Understanding the full magnitude of opportunity presents new options to those all along the cost curve. What new tools and approaches will you deploy to realize newly identifiable opportunity before your competition drives a further shift in the market?  Do you have the capability and resources to acquire these and successfully deploy them?