"Stroud has been amazing for starting my career and my personal and professional development are off the charts. I’m excited to see what I get to do next!”


My first few months at Stroud have been hectic, fun, and jam packed with things to learn. While starting a new job anywhere, some of this can be expected. But, at Stroud, I’ve already had the chance to play so many different roles - including working on our website, taking over a piece of internal business, and being on site to evaluate a factory that makes thousands and thousands of cheesecakes - things I would not be able to do anywhere else this early into working. I started with the Stroud Boston office in September, right after graduating MIT with degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and was given ownership over my work on day 1. What I love most so far is coming to work every day knowing that I am contributing and having a direct impact on clients and also on Stroud’s future.

Brad's favorite insights: