“I love how, at Stroud, our potential isn’t limited by our age, job title, or seniority. We are encouraged to grow and develop as fast as we can and can take on every challenge that excites us.”

senior Associate

I’m originally from New Jersey, but I moved to New Hampshire when I joined Stroud in January 2017. I had just graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University. What I love most about working at Stroud is constantly being put in challenging situations. Whether that be tackling a tough technical problem or helping an operator understand how much his or her ideas can make a difference, it always pushes me to develop and grow. And when I run into a roadblock, I’ve got an entire network of Stroudies to help me work through it. With this support network, I know I can’t fail! Outside of Stroud, I spend my time hiking and exploring. I’m at my best when I’m outdoors!

Jess' favorite insights: