Choosing a career out of school is a difficult and exciting decision. In this “Ask a Stroudie” segment, we asked Stroudies to give their input on why they chose to become consultants with Stroud. A few common themes popped up – mainly, that Stroud provides consultants with the opportunity to work on diverse projects, make significant impacts early in their career, and emphasizes personal development.

Variety and Making an Impact

The variety of work was the biggest reason why I chose consulting. I enjoy the challenge of solving new problems with new people in new companies every 2-3 months.” – Patrick Smith, Project Lead

“I chose consulting because it appeared to involve a good mix of technical problem solving and working with a diverse group of people and projects. This has held true over my time at Stroud; I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing Stroudies and clients. The people are interesting, energetic, and always bring lots to the table.” – Taylor Milner, Partner

“I choose consulting for two main reasons: I didn't know what industry I liked best and I wanted a fast-paced environment when I could develop quickly. First, I didn't know what field I wanted to work in. With my degree in Geological Engineering, there are multiple industries that I could have worked in: mining, oil and gas; finance, infrastructure etc. I liked them all and could pick between them – I picked consulting. In consulting you are exposed to and work in multiple industries. Consulting has been great while starting my career as I can find which industry suits me best. The second reason I choose consulting is the fast-paced environment that allows for rapid development. In the consulting world, the environment and problems are constantly changing, so you are constantly learning and growing. I choose Stroud, in particular, due the growth focused culture that allows for rapid personal and professional development.” – Eleanor McAuley, Senior Associate

“I wanted to keep as many doors open as possible. As a student graduating from university, it's tough to know what is going to be a good fit with your skills and interests. Consulting gave me the opportunity to try a wide range of industries, company sizes, and types of roles and projects and learn more about what I am looking for in my career.” – Elena Bergougnou, Project Lead

The ability to work on a bunch of different projects and make a large impact early in my career interested me, and I didn't want to get boxed into a technical role within a bureaucracy.” – Joe Essenburg, Engagement Lead

Learning and Development

“I chose consulting for two reasons: 1. To push me out of my comfort zone and 2. To get exposure to multiple industries. In my previous technical role, I noticed a slow rate of soft skill development. As this is one of my long-term goals, I sought out consulting to accelerate my development. My background also exposed me to many industries (mining, chemicals, and energy) and I wanted a career that would allow me to sustain that variety.” – Phillip Holmberg, Associate

I chose consulting because I love to learn. In the operations sector, a consultant's job is to learn a process, the steps and machines involved and how everything fits together. And all of this must be done quickly and thoroughly so that the rest of the job can begin. I was always fascinated by factories. Finding out or figuring out how things are made has always been a fun puzzle for me to solve. I chose my majors in school based off of finding out how jet engines were made. And when the opportunity came along to be a part of Stroud, I knew that it would be the chance for me to merge my daily work with the love of discovering something new.” – Brad Jokubaitis, Senior Associate

I have been fortunate enough to work in a variety of roles across a variety of industries. Some of these jobs were great, others not so much. The common themes among the great jobs were the culture, the people, and the emphasis on personal development. I believe consulting as an industry, and Stroud in particular, is second-to-none in terms of these qualities. The opportunity to solve new and challenging problems every day is also an added benefit. There is never a dull moment in this role!” – Ben Rudson, Senior Associate