Any organization is either destroying opportunity or unleashing potential.

Is your organization struggling with the challenge of finding enough opportunity to realize in order to meet its goals? This does not have to be the case. In reality there is abundant opportunity in every organization. What has happened is that your organization has unknowingly destroyed much of the opportunity that it holds. With the right activation energy, however, any organization can move from destroying opportunity to unleashing potential. In this state, your organization will find abundant opportunity within it and have both the belief and the skills to solve the hard problems to realize them.


Unleashing Potential

Finding Theoretical Opportunity

Put aside the debate about whether an opportunity is "real" or "realizable." Focus instead on finding theoretical opportunity, which will bring all opportunities into the light. You'll be able to select from this abundance to meet your performance goals.


Solving Hard Problems

Build the belief that your opportunity is real by solving hard problems that have resisted previous efforts. This growing belief will keep opportunity from being destroyed, and drive the organization to further invest in problem solving skills.


Start Unleashing Potential by Making the Impossible Possible

Stroud can provide the catalytic activation energy to find the hardest, most valuable challenges, and quickly realize them. Your organization’s belief increases, and their problem solving capability grows, allowing you to shift to unleashing potential.