You can increase your problem solving power by partnering with Stroud.  This will help you solve the hard problems behind which valuable opportunity lies and which require greater problem solving power to solve.

Solving these hard problems will also change what you and others in your organization think is possible. 


Want Help Solving a Hard Problem Right Now?

Three Ways to Engage With Stroud

You can get help from Stroud to solve your hardest problems and increase your organizational problem solving power in three different ways:

The primary focus is on solving the problem quickly with a minimal focus on capability development.

An approach in which your team works together with Stroud to solve a problem. The team learns by doing and gains confidence by succeeding.

For beginners or advanced problem solvers, Stroud coaches them to hone their skills and broadly trains the organization to improve the problem solving culture.

Maximizing Your Value with Stroud

How you focus your engagement with Stroud will depend on the maturity of your problem solving skills and the needs of your business. Many clients choose to start an engagement with Stroud focusing on solving a critical problem quickly and then progress to greater training focus over time.


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