What to Expect

  • Inexperienced problem solvers will learn the behaviors and method they can use to win
  • Advanced problem solvers will get customized coaching to help them improve even more

How Training With Stroud Helps You Improve

  • All trainers and coaches have amassed past problem solving success
  • Stroud will teach problem solving to your team in the same way it teaches its own elite problem solvers
  • Your advanced problem solvers will be coached by Stroudies who have coached other Stroudies through hard problems


Your team will learn skills, methods, and behaviors appropriate for their level and the level required by the organization.  Inexperienced problem solvers will develop their path and begin to learn the theory. Advanced problem solvers will hone their understanding of the theory and master their skills by working on a hard problem with a Stroud coach.

Your team can get any of the following:

  • Online workshops that introduce the basics
  • Live training for a team of problem solvers ready to work on a hard problem
  • High-intensity on-site coaching to help one or more problem solvers solve a hard problem
  • Lower-intensity phone coaching to help advanced problem solvers to break through difficulties and constraints