At Stroud, we reject the notion that projects will naturally gravitate toward a definitive optimum of cost, quality and schedule. We have nurtured and developed a powerful analytical approach to rapidly determine the constraint-free, theoretical maximum potential of any project case. With this approach, we pull alongside your people and genuinely help them to find and realize more opportunity to enhance their project’s outcome than they currently believe exists. The solutions are theirs and they own the success.


Recent Value Improvement Engagement Results

Below is a breakdown of the results of 5 Value Improvement engagements. In each case the team identified more opportunity than they previously believed existed and increased their project IRR by 95% on average.  In addition, each project case became more robust and credible as ‘faults’ were uncovered that would have otherwise destroyed value at a later time.


*These 5 projects are from the oil & gas and mining industries, range in CAPEX from $0.3BN to >$10BN, and each is either a greenfield development or major growth addition to an existing operation. The value improvement efforts for each were initiated at various points between late conceptual study and completion of the basis of design.

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