Below is a process to help you improve your problem solving capability in order to tackle the hardest problems you face. Every great problem solver follows their own growth path, but the process below is a reliable way by which most can improve.



The first step is to develop a learning path. This means developing the motivation to increase your problem solving capacity and to know how. Sometimes the best way to motivate yourself to be a better problem solver, is to recognize when you are failing at solving problems or when they are taking too long to solve.

In order to set out on this path, you need to develop the belief that the following are true:

  • That improving your problem solving skill is worthwhile,
  • That improving your skill is possible, and
  • That you know what you need to learn, practice, and do to improve

Some Quick Resources to Help You Get Started

This short, free quiz outlines which problem solving behaviors you use most effectively when approaching problems. Everyone brings different strengths to the table: learn yours and your team's to maximize your effectiveness. 

Learn about the 9 behaviors of great problem solvers in these 1-minute videos. In these, you'll understand the power of each behavior and why it is so important to stop guessing.

Stop Guessing case studies: learn how three hard, stubborn problems in life and business were solved when people changed their behaviors.


Learning  and practicing the theory behind how to solve hard problems will greatly increase the rate at which you develop your problem solving skills just like with other physical or mental exercises. You need to learn the behaviors and methodology needed to solve hard problems, strengthen this learning through exercises, and then begin solving problems of lower difficulty before tackling more challenging ones. 

Some Quick Resources to Help You Get Started

Learn about the 9 behaviors of great problem solvers with Stop Guessing. Explore the behaviors in detail and see them in action with stories and case studies. Become the greatest problem solver you can be. 

Learn about the method that Stroud uses to crush the hardest problems. Variable Analysis: A Method to Help You Stop Guessing and Solve Hard Problems is a manual that reviews Variable Analysis at a basic level, and in deep detail. Full of examples, considerations, and case studies.

The 3-hour Stop Guessing online workshop will expand upon the book, bringing both new detail and worksheets you can use to practice and deepen your understanding of the 9 behaviors of great problem solvers. 

Stroud provides problem solving training that teaches both the behaviors and Variable Analysis. Training sessions range from a half-day to a full week. Sign up here in pre-scheduled sessions or arrange a custom session for your team of 10 or more. 

Pocket cards and posters for your business, available to download free or buy printed. These will keep the behaviors of great problem solvers highly visible in your organization and contribute to developing a new problem solving culture.


After developing basic skills, you move on to strengthening these skills by solving problems of increasing difficulty. As problems get harder and the stakes go up, you will benefit greatly from being surrounded by supportive peers and a coaching network.

Working with Stroud Problem Solvers

Learn how working with Stroud helps your team develop their problem solving capability while quickly solving hard, valuable problems.